Do You Think I Love Flowers?

Spring is so beautiful in Atlanta, that I can’t help but to keep sharing the beautiful blooms and blossoms. They make me want to smile when I see them!

Here are some more from around our business and a few from the herb garden that I planted out front yesterday……..

Above the bed photo, are the herbs I planted: lemongrass, thyme & basil. And above those photos is tarragon (next to sunflowers). Next to the bed is my cluster of rosemary. I planted those 16 yrs ago when we opened our store. And they are still thriving. If you cut them when they are flowering and place them in a vase of water, they last about three weeks. And they smell so good. Can’t wait to get cooking with all those yummy herbs!

2 thoughts on “Do You Think I Love Flowers?

    1. Thank you…… my husband and I installed the iron bed about 7 years ago……….took most of the day by time we planted everything in it too. But it was so worth it and our shoppers just love it! Thru trial and error, I finally found flowers that will survive the hot Atlanta Summers. Vinca and zinnias are so hardy and bloom all Summer long and still look fresh at the end of the season.


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