Always Look Twice

As you know I just love a great book. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to disconnect from the world and get totally lost in a book.

As a hobby job, I work as a book reviewer for a couple of best selling authors. My newest author is Elizabeth Goddard. She has several best selling novels available to readers.

The newest of her books is “Always Look Twice”. It was just released this month and here is my review on it.

Incredible suspense and intrigue filled the whole novel.  The entire read will captivate your attention totally, and you will not want to put the book down.  Right from the first chapter, the characters and plot will pull you into their world.  Main characters, Heath and Harper, will take you on their adventures of crime solving and interaction with law enforcement.  As a ex crime scene photographer, Harper is swooped back into that underground world and is haunted by it.  She tries to seek justice for a murder she witnesses, while on vacation in Wyoming.  One she witnesses while snapping photos while out hiking in the woods. A bubbling romance rises to the surface and does not disappoint.  Many twists and turns to the suspense will make the reader not want to put down this book.  One of the best reads for me so far this year!

Here’s where you can order a copy of Elizabeth’s newest book.

Elizabeth Goddard website:

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