Our Flower Bed is Ready for Spring!

Well Earth Day has come and gone……but I did my part to participate in it. It’s usually about the time of year that I change over the flowers in our iron bed, out in front of our business. This year I went with some taller wildflowers, so they can be seen easier from the road.

I planted some of the Harlequin Pink Beardtongue and some Jethro Tull Coreopsis perennials. Both are supposed to get quite high in growth….like 18-22 in. So that should be great for filling the flowerbed. They spread out about two feet as well. Along the side of the bed I planted some Purple Salvia……..they are sun hardy and are so beautiful in the Summer sun. And they are one of my favorite annuals.

Have you planted your Spring/Summer garden yet? Would love to hear about what type of flowers you like to plant in your yard and garden beds.

I’ll post some additional photos of how the flowerbed is progressing along in about 6 weeks. So be sure and stop back by!

Happy Gardening!!!!!!

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