Decorative Trinket Boxes

Never, ever, can I walk by a cute little decorative trinket box when I’m out strolling thru antique markets. I’m such a sucker for them all the time. The more embellishments the better. And what are they really used for? Most of the time they sit on my desk looking pretty. But you can really justify buying one, because they can serve as a storage piece for paper clips, binder clips, jewelry, cotton balls, coupons…..all kinds of things can be safely stored in the boxes.

Let me show you the one I found this weekend……..ou la, la……..I just love this little cutie!

Thank goodness for trinket boxes! Don’t you just love it? The paper flowers are my favorite. And the “Hello You” is what really made me stop and pick up the box. It just spoke to me…….it said you need to buy me and take me home with you!

Thanks for stopping by today! Please feel free to leave a comment and share about your favorite treasure find.

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