Vintage Bling, Camellias and Holiday Decor

Wanted to share with you some of my holiday favorites from this year. Thru some treasure hunting I found these charming ornaments at the Lakewood 400 Christmas Gift Show. We also have a booth there, so I always take a few minutes to stop by some of the other booths to see what kind of wonderful items they have brought in to sell. These ornaments were made by using antique wood folding measuring sticks. My Dad had one of these measuring sticks when I was growing up. I used to love to watch him unfold and fold it back up. These ornaments remind me so much of him.

During another antique mall stop I found this charming little wooden church. I think it was all the gold glitter on the roof that attracted me to it. It also lights up, so that makes is really cute at night. I found it at The Painted Tree Marketplace in Buford. They had all kinds of cute gift ideas. I just love my little church and it sits in our family room by our TV.

One of the best parts of living in the Atlanta area is all of the blooming perennials in the Wintertime. We have a camellia in our back yard that my Mom gave us as a housewarming gift back in 1997. It has the most beautiful light pink and white blooms. And it blooms December thru March each year. The plant is now three stories high and has hundreds of blooms on it. I like to pick the blooms and float them in water in a brandy sniffer. They look so pretty and will last about a week in the water.

Hope you all had a very enjoyable holiday with your families. And stay tuned for more posting from me in the New Year. I recently retired, as we sold our store property and are now exclusively selling at Lakewood 400 Antiques Market in Cumming, Ga. So stop by and see us in Hall F.

I enjoy hearing from my readers and visitors. Leave me a message and I’ll write you back.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “Vintage Bling, Camellias and Holiday Decor

  1. Wow Lynn! Those ornaments are absolutely precious and I adore the church as well. I’ve never planted a Camilla, it’s gorgeous ❤️ I look forward to reading about your next treasure hunting and gardening adventure.


  2. I adore the crosses and the church is precious. Your Camilla is gorgeous ❤️ George loved the bird frame I bought at your booth in Lakewood 400. It was part of his Christmas present. I found so many unique treasures there! Thanks for sharing about your treasures and garden. I look forward to more stories.


    1. Thanks Jill. I have to say that the crosses are my all time favorite ornament so far. So glad George liked his Christmas present. The frame was so cute with the bird on it. Treasure hunting is in my blood! I’ll have some more to post soon. See you at Lakewood! Happy New Year!

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