Always Look Twice

As you know I just love a great book. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to disconnect from the world and get totally lost in a book.

As a hobby job, I work as a book reviewer for a couple of best selling authors. My newest author is Elizabeth Goddard. She has several best selling novels available to readers.

The newest of her books is “Always Look Twice”. It was just released this month and here is my review on it.

Incredible suspense and intrigue filled the whole novel.  The entire read will captivate your attention totally, and you will not want to put the book down.  Right from the first chapter, the characters and plot will pull you into their world.  Main characters, Heath and Harper, will take you on their adventures of crime solving and interaction with law enforcement.  As a ex crime scene photographer, Harper is swooped back into that underground world and is haunted by it.  She tries to seek justice for a murder she witnesses, while on vacation in Wyoming.  One she witnesses while snapping photos while out hiking in the woods. A bubbling romance rises to the surface and does not disappoint.  Many twists and turns to the suspense will make the reader not want to put down this book.  One of the best reads for me so far this year!

Here’s where you can order a copy of Elizabeth’s newest book.

Elizabeth Goddard website:

My Love of Essential Oils

Do you have a favorite essential oil that you love to use? My favorite is Serenity by doTERRA. It’s a wonderful and perfect blend of lavender and vetiver. Both are known for their calming properties and their positive effect on sleep patterns.

The oil packaging even looks peaceful! I use it every night before I go to bed to help with a restful night and to achieve a great sleep pattern. Getting a good night’s rest will make all the difference in how you feel the next day. It’s also the key to good health!

If you like to diffuse essential oils in your home, here are some other great blends to use in the bedroom.

Tell me about your essential oil journey and about the oils you like to use the most. I’m always interested in success stories. I also love to learn about new oil blends to use in my diffuser.

Happy diffusing!

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, feel free to reach out to me. I’m available via phone, online or in person to share info with you.

Some Patriot Pictures…….

Took my store fire extinguishers in for recharging yesterday and saw this awesome piece of flag art in their lobby. I was just mesmerized by it. It was created by one of their firefighter employees, and it was made of painted pallet wood, and various parts of sprinkler heads.

I just stood there for a while taking in all of it’s beauty. You could tell there were many stories behind each sprinkler head and piece of wood. It was a perfect piece for their office. And I wanted to share this with you during 911 week.

The evening before the 911 anniversary we found this sweet little painted rock out in front of our business by the railroad tracks. Someone took the time to artfully create this beautiful flag rock and place it to be found. We just love it and will give it a good home!

Hope you are having a great week. Many thanks to all the service men/women and to our firefighters who all work so hard to keep us safe. We appreciate you !

Thanks for stopping by!

Today’s Bounty: a Few Garden Cuttings……..

Here’s a few photos from the herb garden at our business in Woodstock…………just picked these hydrangea beauties from out in the front of the property. They are still blooming quite a bit, considering our 90 degree weather for this month.

So I always place them in my office to make it cheerier and easier for me to do my paperwork. I add some flowering mint from the herb area and it makes my work space smell so good. And the mint lasts for at least two weeks in water.

This morning is so pretty outside, that I just could not resist sharing these quick photos taken today with you!

I’m growing snap beans this year too. I like to snap and freeze them for some fresh Winter veggies. I forgot that the bean plant flowers as well! For lunch at my shop I cut them into bit sizes and add them to my salad. Very yummy and healthy!

Do you have a favorite veggie you like to plant in your garden? Would love to hear about your gardening tips!

Butterflies from Heaven…….

We always plant Lantana in our gardens at home and at our business, so we attract all the beautiful butterflies. Even the hummingbirds love the Lantana. Here’s a couple of photos of the flower blooms and the butterflies enjoying them……

The end of this Summer has been quite toasty here in the South. So that calls for doing some inside projects. I scored this antique chair during our neighborhood garage sale back in the Spring. It was actually placed at the curb with a “Free” sign on it! So I decided that I could do a little face lift on it. With some left over front door paint I had at the business, here is the result of a little TLC………

Hope you are enjoying your Summer! What have you been up to during this heat wave?

Sunflowers, Memory Boards & Books

Just popping in this holiday weekend to share a few finds while out an about this past week.

Found this cutie at one of my favorite flea markets close by………I am drawn to memory boards, and especially ones in frames. The best part of this one, is the embellishment of flowers on the bottom of it. It really makes it pop and adds to the visual appeal.

So one of my fellow bloggers suggested that we should always check the book section at DollarTree and you might find a treasure. And sure enough…..this is what I found. I haven’t read any of Ashton Lee’s books, but I have seen them online a lot lately. I’ll let you all know how it is. Another favorite place of mine to pick up great books is Goodwill. You can find some NY Times bestsellers there, for a fraction of the cost of one brand new.

And I must share my Sunflower blooms. They have finally bloomed this week. I planted The Two Queens Sunflowers and as you can see, they have multiple flowers all up and down the stalk. We are enjoying them so much! Stop by our business in Woodstock and see all the sunflowers and herbs planted in our store garden.

That’s all for now…….tell me what do you plant in your garden?

Thrifting Find……..Display Jackpot!

I’m always looking and searching for unique display pieces for my shop! I found this cutie at a local antique place and I just couldn’t resist it. It’s a mini easel back bulletin board. And it’s just perfect for notes, jewelry, decorative pins or antique brooches. I’m using it to display some jewelry at the shop. But it’s small enough that I can also take it and use it on my display table at shows I do from time to time.

It’s just the right color too…..especially love the fabric they used on the padded part of it!

And I only paid $20 for it…………couldn’t go wrong at that price!

Ok, so now to my favorite thing in the world……….what are you reading this week? I’m partially thru Jodi Thomas’s book, “Mornings on Main”. The book is set in a quilt shop, in the small town of Laurel Springs, Texas. It’s very heartwarming as the main character, Jillian, helps the aging quilt shop proprietor, catalog all her quilts and retire from the business. I’m about a third of the way thru it and cannot put it down. Enjoying the small town vibe and all the engaging characters. Looking forward to reading more of Jodi Thomas’s books. This is the first book I have read by her. Can’t wait to read the rest of them!

Hope everyone has a lovely 4th of July week! We’ll be at work most of the week, then relaxing on the 4th. What are you all up to on Independence Day?

Sunflowers Always Make Me Smile!

Do Sunflowers make you smile? They always bring a smile to my face and that makes everything much cheerier. I planted some this year from seeds, at the shop, and they are doing really great. I used the Two Queens Sunflower Seeds by Botanical Interests. They were purchased at Pikes Nursery and the plants should grow to 5-7 feet tall when they are full grown. They are doing great and headed to be in that range of height.

This is our puppy Chloe helping me check on the garden!

Here are some more photos of our hydrangeas at the shop. I spread coffee grounds around their base last Fall and with all the rain we had, it has resulted in an abundance of gorgeous blooms! Just had to share these with you……they are my favorite Spring flower, in case you can’t tell…

If you enjoy reading as much as I do, then you will want to hear about this new book out from Susan Mallery. The title is: The Summer of Sunshine & Margot. I was able to get an advance copy by being on her review team. It was such a great feel good Summer read about two sisters and their careers paths. Packed full of romance, goodness and family dynamics. I couldn’t put it down once I started it. So I definitely recommend that this be added to your Summer reading list!

Here is Chloe and me enjoying our reading session………:)

What are you reading this Summer……I’m always looking for new authors to enjoy!

Do You Love to Read as Much as I Do?

I have spent many Spring & Summer afternoons reading while the kids napped or at the beach/pool. It’s really very relaxing for me and like a mini vacation.

One of my favorite authors is Wendy Wax. She is a very popular southern author and has several bestsellers published. I just finished reading “A Week at the Lake”. It’s a super fast read and a intriguing tale about friendship and deception. It will definitely keep your attention throughout the book! And the best part is, that I picked it up in the book section of Goodwill! Love when I find a treasure like this!

Well, the gardens at my shop are really coming along with all the sun and rain that we have had the past few weeks. And you know that I love flowers. Also, my cherry tomato plant has reseeded itself for the third year in a row. Here’s a photo of last year and this year. We are very excited to have it appear again. Looking forward to lots of salads.

Of course I have to show you some more photos of the hydrangeas & impatients that are blooming profusely at the shop……must have been all those Spring showers! Hydrangea blooms are my all time favorite flower.

Well, that’s all for today…….do you have a favorite book that you would like to share? I’m always looking for something good to read in the Summertime!

Don’t You Just Love a Good Neighborhood Garage Sale?

This is my favorite time of the year……not only because of the Spring blossoms, but because of all the garage sales. You can find the best stuff there! Our neighborhood sale was last weekend and I scored these cuties. They were actually out at the curb with the great big FREE sign on them. It can’t get any better that that when on a hunt for treasures. Plan to repaint them and make them into planters. They are perfect for that use.

Of course I just have to share some more floral photos from our business and home. The flowers are just too pretty not to show you!

I did find this cute treasure at a local flea market this past Sunday, and I just love it. The mirror is embellished with Swarovski Crystals and it is gorgeous! I cannot pass up mirrors and love small mirrors of all kinds.

This sign was at the same flea market and it is so true. Because I always feel like I am going back in time and down memory lane as I stroll thru antique malls.

That’s all for now…….come on by and see me at my shop in Downtown Woodstock. You can find me at House and Garden Boutique, by the Big Chair on Main St in Woodstock, GA. I’ll let you all know when my chairs are all painted and ready for display!

What colors do you think I should paint them? I’m up for suggestions! 🙂