Estate Sale Beauty

Do you enjoy Estates sales as much as I do? You can really find some great items at them. A lot of the furniture is very gently used and you cannot beat the pricing. I’m partial to chest of drawers, especially oak ones like this one. I picked this chest of drawers up at an estate sale in my local town. We went on the last day and this beauty was tucked away down in the basement area of the home. The gentleman running the sale gave me a great price on it and I just could not walk away without it.

So once back at my shop I decided to give it some life and a facelift! With a little help from some Dixie Belle Paints I lightened the color with some of their “Fluff” Chalk Paint and then used their Van Dyke Brown Glaze on the top part for some contrast. The new drawer knobs and wood embellishment at the top was found and purchased off of Amazon. Gotta love Amazon!

Here is the transition of the chest, which only took 24 hrs…….

Very simple……….and functional for a bedroom or the end of a hallway to store blankets or towels.

So if it doesn’t sell at the shop this month, it will be placed in our booth at Lakewood 400 to be hopefully adopted into a new home.

Happy thrifting! Please leave a comment when you stop by, as we enjoy hearing from our readers.