Getting Lost in a Great Book

Reading has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Enjoying a great book is a really good way to forget about our troubling times. It’s like a vacation in a box! My latest favorite read is “Erasing the Past” by Author Geri Dreiling, an attorney from the St Louis area. As a member of an older population group, the subject matter of her book was particularly interesting to me…… it deals with a solution to an aging face. 🙂

Absolutely loved this beautifully crafted story of love over the course of main character’s Joe and Kate’s marriage and life together. The story line will keep your undivided attention as it travels back and forth from the past to the present chronicling their day to day routines and marriage struggles. The skin cream development, and Kate’s willingness to participate in the lab study from Joe’s work, helps fulfill wants and needs of them both. Joe is not keen about the plastic surgery that Kate wants, so this is a win/win for them both. Work struggles and daily trials and tribulations will keep you on the edge of your seat. Especially the health and marital emotions in their long standing marriage. But perseverance and commitment win in this story!

What are you reading right now? I am always looking for new authors to enjoy and welcome you to share your favorites here.

Stay well! And thanks for stopping by!