Sunflowers, Memory Boards & Books

Just popping in this holiday weekend to share a few finds while out an about this past week.

Found this cutie at one of my favorite flea markets close by………I am drawn to memory boards, and especially ones in frames. The best part of this one, is the embellishment of flowers on the bottom of it. It really makes it pop and adds to the visual appeal.

So one of my fellow bloggers suggested that we should always check the book section at DollarTree and you might find a treasure. And sure enough…..this is what I found. I haven’t read any of Ashton Lee’s books, but I have seen them online a lot lately. I’ll let you all know how it is. Another favorite place of mine to pick up great books is Goodwill. You can find some NY Times bestsellers there, for a fraction of the cost of one brand new.

And I must share my Sunflower blooms. They have finally bloomed this week. I planted The Two Queens Sunflowers and as you can see, they have multiple flowers all up and down the stalk. We are enjoying them so much! Stop by our business in Woodstock and see all the sunflowers and herbs planted in our store garden.

That’s all for now…….tell me what do you plant in your garden?

Sunflowers Always Make Me Smile!

Do Sunflowers make you smile? They always bring a smile to my face and that makes everything much cheerier. I planted some this year from seeds, at the shop, and they are doing really great. I used the Two Queens Sunflower Seeds by Botanical Interests. They were purchased at Pikes Nursery and the plants should grow to 5-7 feet tall when they are full grown. They are doing great and headed to be in that range of height.

This is our puppy Chloe helping me check on the garden!

Here are some more photos of our hydrangeas at the shop. I spread coffee grounds around their base last Fall and with all the rain we had, it has resulted in an abundance of gorgeous blooms! Just had to share these with you……they are my favorite Spring flower, in case you can’t tell…

If you enjoy reading as much as I do, then you will want to hear about this new book out from Susan Mallery. The title is: The Summer of Sunshine & Margot. I was able to get an advance copy by being on her review team. It was such a great feel good Summer read about two sisters and their careers paths. Packed full of romance, goodness and family dynamics. I couldn’t put it down once I started it. So I definitely recommend that this be added to your Summer reading list!

Here is Chloe and me enjoying our reading session………:)

What are you reading this Summer……I’m always looking for new authors to enjoy!